Attaching the right messages to your franchise

Projecting the right message for your CENTURY 21 franchise is essential. The picture you communicate to the public will shape perceptions of your business and people’s willingness to take up the services you offer.

It is your image which gives you the chance to remain in the mind of the public consumer.  It is therefore important that you associate your franchise with the message that you feel is important for your clientele to attach to your business.  The formation of such messages is usually the result of a mixture of your core franchise values (e.g. dedication to a professional service) with market research aimed at finding out exactly what your customers want and expect.  

In today’s competitive world, building trust with your clients is important for the success of your franchise.  Building trust requires an alliance between your messages and your actions – it is one thing to say that you are committed to a certain value; however for your target market to believe it they must see it in action. 

In the event that your company’s key messages conflict with actions seen by the public, the validity of your values will be threatened, which can be damaging to your franchise’s reputation. 

When reflecting on what new and empowering messages you might like to attach to your CENTURY 21 franchise, start with considering your company’s current corporate and public reputation.  A useful task can often be to identify with your faults – this can often lead to a renewed vision and goals for the year ahead.

When redefining your franchise’s objectives and messages for 2011, it worth noting two simple points.  Firstly send a message that fuses your key values along with what your customers want to hear.  Secondly, represent what you promise.

The best way to project the right images and messages to your public is through efficient means of marketing.  Looking at your services from the customers’ perspective can give you a greater understanding of how your franchise may be seen currently.  It is of great importance that the core marketing messages you develop remain consistent across all marketing material including the tone and content displayed on your website, traditional print media, social media and employee attitudes to the brand.

To ensure such consistency, the messages you wish to portray need to be simple, effective and memorable.

In the end, the best way to ensure that people remember your real estate franchise and recommend your services to friends is to make your messages memorable.  And by reinforcing your key value statements with clear, congruent actions, you should find that the public are much more likely to retain what it is that you stand for. 

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