Becoming part of the real estate industry

Did you know that on average an Australian will change their career ten times? TEN TIMES!

Many people say there are certain types of people that are better at certain types of jobs, and for the most part I have to say I agree. After all, stereotypes aren’t created in a vacuum. People who end up as nurses tend to be caring, people who end up as lawyers aren’t afraid of a fight and so on. I can also admit that as far as stereotypes go, we in the real estate industry definitely have our own, although when I look at the CENTURY 21 Australia network I strongly dispute them!

When it comes to looking at personality types and career choices, I do take real estate as a pretty good example. If someone who isn’t driven, passionate and very much a people-person enters this industry, chances are they aren’t going to last that long. I can admit that when the real estate market was booming, which it was until the end of 2008, real estate did become somewhat flooded with agents and salespeople who weren’t necessarily of the required breed. When everyone has money to buy and there is plenty on the market to sell, it’s not necessarily your level of skill that makes you successful. However, the economic downturn we are experiencing globally has definitely resulted in a bit of a weeding process in the real estate industry, and it’s certainly separating the true professionals from the rest in this industry.

The type of people you want helping you with your real estate decisions will be the ones who are still keeping their cool, playing by the rules and getting the job done.If you're that type of person, maybe a career in real estate is for you. If you're interested in discussing become a CENTURY 21 franchise owner, contact us today.

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