Build staff loyalty

Inspiring loyalty in your staff is an important aspect of being an effective manager and one that can make a significant difference to the level at which your team operates. Building loyalty with your staff may help you to create a more effective organisational culture and even potentially reduce staff turnover.

Below are four tips to achieving staff loyalty.

Display trust

By displaying trust in your staff, it’s likely that they will in turn respect and trust your leadership also. Simple and effective ways to show trust in your staff could involve assigning them responsibility for small projects, or recognising their efforts on something they’ve been responsible for.

Give back to staff

An occasional small gift, even if symbolic in nature, can do wonders for ensuring staff feel appreciated. This doesn’t need to be an expensive bottle of wine or a large gesture, rather something simple but personalised to that employee’s tastes and preferences.

Invest in team bonding

Staff who work well together may also display higher levels of loyalty. Taking your team out for a group activity such as mini-golf or a barbeque will facilitate some social time together, helping to strengthen their interpersonal bonds.

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