Capture value using Google Local Pages


As the world’s most utilised search engine, your presence in Google search results can be an asset or hindrance for your business. One way you can help your CENTURY 21 franchise rank higher in Google search is by claiming your businesses page on Google Local, an online equivalent of the Yellow Pages business directory.

You can find your franchises Google Local page by searching for “CENTURY 21 (Insert your franchise name here), and then claim it by selecting the link ‘Are you the business owner?’ below the search result on the right.

As part of this process, Google will send a verification code through the mail for you to ensure that you occupy the address. While claiming your page does require you to have a Google account, setup is easy and free.

Once you have claimed your page, you can now start to put it to good use by adding photos of your franchise and staff, and add useful details such as office opening hours and contact details.

Claiming your page will also allow you to monitor feedback that clients post about your franchise on online review sites that appear when potential clients search for you. While it is not possible to remove negative reviews, it may be beneficial for you to be aware of them.

Improving your offices presence on Google search is not an easy task, but by simply taking control of your Google Local page, you may help give your business a better chance.

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