Choosing a location for your agency

Location, location, location – the three little words that are so often cited as a mantra within the real estate industry.  When it comes to choosing a location for a new agency, agents should definitely follow their own advice.   

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a new office location which effectively could make or break your agency.  While budget considerations do of course need to be adhered to, so many agents fall into the trap of settling for an average location in exchange for a fantastic rental rate.  This is an error that could impede your success before you’ve even begun.    

The best real estate agencies are located in busy commercial areas with residential areas located close by.  These are the types of places where people will pop up the road to do their banking and supermarket shopping and will often just ‘drop in’ on the spur of the moment to see your real estate listings or enquire about your services.  Positioning an agency in close vicinity to a busy restaurant is also a great way to attract attention at night.  Diners walking to or from the restaurant often stop and view your agency windows and then make contact the following morning if something has caught their eye.    

High visibility is a key factor to ensure those important attention grabs.  Ideally an agency should be positioned on a busy street, so that people can see it as they drive past.  Easy accessibility from car parking areas is also an important aspect to note.  Never position your agency in an out-of-sight area – if people can’t see your business, you decrease your chances that they will remember your agency’s name the next time they need real estate services.    

Always remember, out of sight – out of mind!

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