Creating a positive and productive work culture

In the real estate industry, productivity can be paramount to running a successful business.  A positive and supportive work environment could  help to increase productivity and revenue for your business, and also enhance staff retention rates. However, creating this setting can sometimes pose a challenge for business owners and managers.

Below are three tips to help you overcome some of these challenges, and create an enjoyable work environment.

1. Have open channels of communication.

Establishing and maintaining open lines of communication between staff and yourself can help ensure that employees feel that their ideas, questions, and concerns are valued and important to the business.  If a staff member approaches you with an idea, try to take it on board and give regular updates with useful feedback if implemented.  Putting in place a grievance system may also be helpful, as this can help to let employees know of any issues which may need to be addressed in a professional manner.

2. Set realistic targets.

One major factor in reducing an employee’s productivity and confidence can be unrealistic targets and deadlines. Think about setting reasonable and achievable goals for your employees, instead of just trying to beat your competitors at all costs. Working to a deadline in order to achieve a particular financial outcome can carry a certain amount of stress, however your employees should feel that their end goal is attainable, and within their ability.

3. Give praise when and where it is due.

Verbal praise and other incentives are important factors in the productivity of a workplace. A little extra motivation can sometimes go a very long way. However try to ensure that your acknowledgement of efforts is fair and equal across the board.  Being rewarded with a bonus or a public ‘pat on the back’ should be reserved for going above and beyond what was expected, not for simply finding a way to make the printer stop jamming. A weekly or fortnightly email to employees acknowledging those who have excelled in a certain area is a positive way to reinforce how much you value your staff and all they do.


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