Cutting through with your communications

Does the constant barrage of communication received throughout the workday overwhelm you? Chances are that many of your clients experience similar communication overloads. Cutting through information “clutter” can be a challenging task; with clients receiving so much content daily, it can be difficult for businesses to project messages that actually get noticed. 

Here are three key tips for cutting through the “clutter” with your client communications:

1) Cleanse your mailing lists: are you sending out newsletters and emails to old client lists? These may be hindering your business prospects more than enhancing them, or being sent directly to spam bins. Trim down your mailing lists to current clients who will likely directly benefit from your newsletters/emails;

2) Consider handwritten notes: do you remember the last time you received a handwritten note? As more communication moves to digital channels, the rarity and value of handwritten notes arguably increases. Though they may seem somewhat nostalgic, there is still room for handwritten notes in business communications. They generally cost more and require extra effort and, as such, are often more appreciated by receivers than other forms of mass communication. 

3) Be mindful of cultural barriers: In a globalised market, communicating with cultural awareness can be a key differentiator between you and your competitors. The simplest part of an interaction can make or break a sale. When first communicating with a prospective client from another culture, take a few minutes to read an online article about the particulars of their culture. This will not only likely give you a competitive edge, but it may also save you from an embarrassing misstep later down the track.

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