Developing Staff Skills and Expertise

The continual training and building of expertise in staff post-hiring has become an essential element in the running of a successful franchise business.  Such skill and knowledge development should be seen as an important and valuable ongoing investment in the future of your franchise.

It is important to understand that training is not merely a transfer of skills and information.  It offers employees the opportunity to further develop themselves and significantly contributes to the success and ongoing viability of a company. 

It can be seen in many industries, not just real estate, that training and motivation generally fosters a strong commitment and loyalty from employees.  People can normally appreciate that their employer is making a personal investment into their skills, allowing them to work towards their own personal goals and expertise.  As a franchisee you may find that this investment helps your real estate agents to take on more responsibility in the workplace, making a larger contribution to the overall success of your company. 

In order to achieve a successful learning environment within your franchise, it is important to engage a number of people who are well trained before they join your agency.  Hiring agents with proven expertise can help to improve your franchise’s productivity and overall business performance at a quick rate.  These well-trained real estate agents that you install in your agency will naturally impart skills to younger agents, instilling a culture of education and motivation.  

As a Century 21 franchisee, it will be your responsibility as manager and/or owner of your business to commit to offering training programs to employees at all levels, linking business objectives with performance.  This will enable your staff to understand the purpose of their training, often providing them with the motivation to continue and excel. 

To ensure you are working with proficient and well-trained employees at all levels of your franchise, it becomes best practise to monitor and continually develop staff skills and expertise.  At the end of the day, this personal investment into your business and staff will help to achieve a more productive, successful real estate agency. 

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