Disaster recovery in business

No-one likes to think about bad things happening to their small business, but unfortunately sometimes they do. Even though the small businesses that are each of the Century 21 network has the strength of the international brand behind them, it’s still important to know how you’d cope should something unforeseen happen to your business. Every business should have a disaster recovery plan, and undertake scenario planning to work through what should happen in response to possible disaster situations. People get put off scenario planning because of the perceived time it takes, but even a few bullet points on how to react to potentially damaging situations are better than nothing at all.


When you do make the time, get your employees involved and brainstorm possible scenarios. Address those emergencies or hazards that are applicable to your business and keep documents on what the response would be. Should a PR disaster then actually take place, instead of panicking, you should instead be able to go to the relevant file and have a response strategy ready to roll out. make sure you save all the critical documents related to your disaster planning in a secure location, but a location that everyone relevant is made aware of.


One of the most common disasters for business is data loss, so one of the most implemented disaster recovery plans is a data recovery plan. In considering this subject I came across an experience had by The New York based company Golden Box, a provider of custom packaging, who only days before a power surge in the office blew out a primary server. They had literally only started doing online backups three days before the server went down, and had they not, the CEO admits he dreads to think what position the business would be in.


A big part of dealing with a disaster is communication, so make sure a communications plan is part of your overall plan – both how to communicate internally and externally. Not being able to contact key people, or not knowing who to contact in an emergency or difficult situation will only heighten the stress of the issue.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating a solid recovery plan, there are external sources that can assist you, but whatever you do, you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t wait for a bad situation to arise to realize you’re not ready for it!  

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