Don't underestimate the effectiveness of Social Media when marketing to older clients

With the advent of forms of social media marketing, many companies including real estate agencies have used such tools as a way of communicating with the younger generation, namely those aged under 35. 

When it comes to older consumers, a mixture of both social media and more traditional forms of marketing (such as print advertising) are usually undertaken.   However the emphasis is often on the more conventional forms, with the view of some being that social media mechanisms are not as effective at reaching those in older generations. 

It has now come to light that business owners and those in charge of marketing should be careful when assuming who the most prominent users of social media are.  A report released recently by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, entitled ‘Australia in the Digital Economy: The Shift to the Online Environment’, has found that that it is the 35 – 49 years age group which dominates online activity, making up 27 per cent of Australia’s Facebook community.   

According to the report the internet is being used by this age-group to talk to friends and family all over the world who have scattered geographically.   The study’s author, Joseph Di Gregorio, commented to the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the age group is communicating online, uploading photos and staying in touch with family and friends. 

For many businesses across Australia, including CENTURY 21 franchises, this information may come as a surprise and may even require an alteration to your current social marketing strategy.  It most certainly means that your franchise cannot underestimate the power of using online social media in marketing to older clients – perhaps even more so than with younger ones.

It light of this study, it could be worthwhile for your CENTURY 21 franchise to take stock of your various social marketing tactics and see what can be changed so as to take advantage of opportunities you may be missing.     

With Facebook, for instance, you may like to analyse the demographic information surrounding your database of ‘friends’.  You may, unsurprisingly, find that many of your followers are in the younger age brackets, i.e. 18 – 34. If this is the case, you should try to spend a bit of time finding and connecting with Facebook users in your area who fall within the 35 – 49 and older age brackets.  You may find a whole market of people that you have not been communicating with. 

It could also be worth scrutinising the photos of properties that you upload onto your various social media tools.  If people in the older age brackets are looking for larger, suburban homes with spacious living areas and room for a family, and you have focused your imagery on apartments and houses more appropriate to first home-buyer budgets or younger tastes, again you could find yourself losing opportunities. 

As a CENTURY 21 franchise owner it is important to note that these findings do not mean that you should be ignoring your younger audience and instead focus on older markets.  Rather this report highlights a marketing opportunity that you may be missing; social media marketing can be effective with your older markets as well as your younger ones and as such could be very advantageous for your franchise.  



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