Effective use of communications technology


Email and mobile phones provide clients with access to your agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As such, it’s important that your agents utilise some features of these technologies in an effective manner.

Creating guidelines for the use of these technologies could assist your agents in creating strong, positive relationships with clients. To help you with this, here are three ideas for making your teams’ communications more streamlined.

1. Out of office auto replies: while auto replies are a useful feature of most modern email programs, when used incorrectly they may place unnecessary stress on relationships. It’s best for agents to avoid detailing the reasons behind their absence, instead, they can politely inform clients that they’ll be back in the office on a specific date. Clients may also appreciate your agents naming one person who can handle most queries, and follow up on others;

2. Voicemail: asking staff to update their voicemail with a message every morning with the day and date may help to assure clients that your agents are ‘on the ball’. It could also be beneficial for them to add a prospective schedule for the day, with a designated time that they will be returning calls. In turn, clients may return the gesture by letting your agents know when a call back works for them, reducing time wasted by your agents;

3. E-mail signatures: ensuring that all of your staff place a mobile number on their signatures can dramatically decrease the steps clients need to take to get hold of them;

Improving the way your office communicates may help to keep current clients satisfied, and can also promote positive experiences that they are likely to share, turning these simple actions into valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

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