Effectively managing your agency's social media strategy

Generally speaking, the real estate industry has been one of the most successful in the adoption of online marketing tools.  We already know that many people prefer to search for a property using a website rather than browsing through their local papers, and that email subscriber lists are an effective  way to distribute alerts for properties coming on to the market.

If used effectively, social media marketing (SMM) has incredible potential for the real estate industry.   It is understandable how many people believe that SMM is essentially the same as marketing on the internet, as the same medium is used.  But these perceptions should be quashed.  SMM is usually more of an interactive process than regular online marketing and can require more of a hands-on management approach.

Starting with Facebook, your real estate franchise should ensure that an account is established specific to your agency.  The last thing you want is for individual agents to be posting comments and articles on behalf of your office from their own personal account.  This will look unprofessional and could hinder your database construction.

It could also be worthwhile to establish some consistency regarding the manager of your agency’s Facebook page.  Again, it can come across as unprofessional to have the views of differing people expressed in different posts.  All comments made should come from the agency itself, and not from specific agents.  Furthermore, agents should never conduct personal communication using the agency’s Facebook page.

It could be quite an effective exercise to pay attention to the comments people leave on your Facebook page, or respond to a blog post with, and the social interaction amongst audience members that can often develop.  Social media can be an extremely effective, organic form of market research which can contain fascinating insights into your target market.  It would be a shame to let these go to waste. 

It may sound obvious, but try to use correct spelling and grammar in your social media activities.  To some people incorrect usage can allude to a variety of negative attributes on the part of your agency – sloppiness, lack of attention to detail, even stupidity.  In the end, your aim is usually to persuade members of your audience to let you sell their homes.  Would you want somebody who was sloppy and thoughtless about details to sell your property?

Finally, if you take the time to implement a social media program, try to also dedicate some time its management.  In many cases the reason SMM works so well is because it allows a company to interact with its audience.  Try to put aside a little bit of time each day to monitor your social mediums and respond where necessary.  For instance, if somebody asks you a question/challenges you regarding your blog posting, make sure you reply promptly.  This can continue the conversation, often engages a larger audience and proves that you are committed to listening to your target market. 


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