Embracing mobile work strategies for your agents

Owning a real estate franchise means that a large number of your agents could spend a great deal of time both on the road and off-site for the majority of their working day.  Whether your employees are meeting with clients, showing open homes or simply driving from appointment to appointment, ensuring they are able to work remotely can be vital for the success of your business.

Today’s world of continuous advances in technology has made operating outside the office a much easier and more streamlined endeavour for both managers and employees.  As the owner and manager of your CENTURY 21 franchise you are fortunate to be able to maintain a continuous flow of information with your agents via handheld devices that support phone calls, a personal organiser, internet use and live emailing. 

And with the more recent advances in tablets and laptops, agents are now able to replicate all functions they would otherwise have in the office when they are on the road.  While the purchase of such technologies can be quite expensive, it is important to understand that in assisting your agents to work effectively when out of the office, you are essentially investing in improving your franchise’s productivity.     

Having said this, not all people are suited to working by themselves out of the office, despite the assistance that various technologies can provide them with.  This is something to keep in mind when hiring new agents for your franchise.   

There are certain traits that you can look for in agents to ensure that any new personnel you hire will be suited to working out of the office, without supervision.  A sense of initiative is important, as is the ability to create and work to a personal schedule, without the structure of formal business hours.  Effective agents need to be able to move seamlessly in and out of work mode, making use of small pockets of time in between client meetings and property showings in order to get tasks done, such as answering emails and phone calls. 

With agents on the road, it is important to be mindful of the fact that a lack of communication between staff can sometimes result in lower levels of productivity.  To further ensure accountability and profitability, it is recommended that as manager you continually touch base with your off-site staff by holding regular meetings or conference calls to make sure tasks and goals are being met on time and to offer advice and support where needed.    It may also be a worthwhile exercise to hold training sessions for your agents regarding how they can maximise their productivity while out of the office.
There is no doubt that as a manager, having little face to face time with your agents can be frustrating at times.  However, by embracing and giving guidance around mobile work strategies you can ensure that your on the road team remains up to date with office happenings and that productivity and motivation remain high. 

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