Employing and integrating new staff for the success of your franchise

As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 real estate franchise, one of your key roles and responsibilities will surround the hiring and successful integration of new staff members into your office environment.  As many experienced managers will understand, this is not always just as easy as hiring the person with the best credentials and most experience, but rather can involve selecting somebody who is the best overall fit for your workplace, and having systems in place to assist them settle in smoothly. 

When hiring new staff to join your team, personality, along with qualifications, is an extremely important consideration.  In most cases (and dependent on your existing staff and office culture), an ideal new employee will be somebody who fits easily into the office environment, getting along reasonably well with most existing members of the team.  While personality shouldn’t dictate who you hire, particularly if somebody is well suited to the job at hand, it is definitely worthy of contemplation, especially if your new employee is to settle in quickly. 

Some offices may find that it can also be advantageous if new additions introduce a certain level of healthy competition into the workplace – driving all existing employees to achieve even greater feats as a result.

Upon hiring new team members, real estate franchise owners and managers may like to hold a series of activities to promote healthy team bonding and interaction – particularly outside of the work environment.  These do not have to be expensive or time-consuming, rather could simply be the suggestion of a social get together after work at the end of a week.  You may find that the integration process is furthered quite effectively when your team members are given an opportunity to get to know one another away from the pressures of work.

In addition, it may also be a worthwhile exercise to establish a system akin to a ‘buddy’ system upon a new staff member starting in your office.  By assigning the person to spend time with various other team members for a period of time as they engage in their day to day roles (such as going to visit a client, updating the office website, presenting a house for inspection, conducting an auction) the new staff member gets a fairly indepth look at each of the roles present in the office, as well as an opportunity to get to know individual team members. 

A flourishing working atmosphere in any industry is often the result of staff members interacting well together – creating an enjoyable and productive environment.  The successful hiring and integration of team members thus becomes an increasingly important exercise if such a balance is to be maintained.  Owners and managers of real estate franchises should note that there are a number of ways that new staff members can be suitably hired and then incorporated, ensuring the team, and office, continues to thrive – giving your office the best chance of achieving ongoing success.  

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