Enabling positive growth in your franchise

Once you have established your CENTURY 21 Franchise, the reality is that the business’ ability to remain profitable is relatively dependent on your own attitude and capability to empower its continued growth and development. 

Creating an easy-to-understand and execute strategy, encouraging assertive and positive attitudes amongst your real estate agents and regularly finding new ways to deliver value to your clients, are just some of the ways that you as manager and/or owner of this franchise can ensure the ongoing progression of your business. 

As the manager and/or owner of a franchise your ability to make strategic decisions for both short-term and long-term sustainable profitability is reliant on the management strategy and outlook you adopt.

For example, when it comes to current or forthcoming changes to economic conditions, it is often easier to be pessimistic rather than optimistic about negative activity.  In order to find opportunities in every situation, you should instantly take a closer look at the state of property in your local area, ensure you avail yourself of all available data and make sure you are aware of the comprehensive needs of your customers.  Armed with such knowledge, you will be in an enhanced position to execute an appropriate strategy, motivate staff, and limit a downturn in business activity – essentially turning a potentially harmful external situation into an advantageous opportunity for your franchise.     

The outlook and culture of the agents and staff working in your office is also important in ensuring the positive growth of your franchise.  Creating an engaging workspace can not only motivate and encourage staff to work through difficult situations, but can also give employees the means to become assertive and confident.  Such positive energy can often translate into more sales as your team takes proactive steps towards delivering value to your CENTURY 21 clients.

Successful organisations maintain regular, direct contact with their clients.  By simply taking the time to observe your clients’ buying habits and behaviours, your franchise may be able to discern areas where further value can be delivered, potentially resulting in more satisfied customers and a larger volume of work for your franchise.  For example, continued communication post-transaction to educate your interested clients about available real estate in their areas, could encourage them to do further business with you.

The success and longevity of your franchise ultimately depends on your ability to develop and grow a sustainable company.  Proactively making sure you are positioned to take advantage of a variety of market conditions, understanding the needs and wants of your clients, and working to ensure the optimism and motivation of your employees, are some of the things you can consider in order to make sure you maintain continued positive growth for your CENTURY 21 franchise. 

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