Essential skills for CENTURY 21 Franchisees/Principals

Commonsense, competency, leadership and humility are several essential skills one must learn to be able to manage a successful CENTURY 21 agency.

You must not only be able to follow direction but also be a source of it, encouraging your employees to value and respect essential workplace skills that enhance productivity, creativity and communication within your franchise.

Whilst gaining trust and working hard are the general building blocks of a stellar career, embracing essential skills will assist the growth and development of your franchise, and your role within it, immensely.

Developing and improving the following skills may certainly help you to achieve respect, increased productivity and improved profitability within your franchise.
Be rational with your actions – thinking through decisions will help you to avoid hazardous situations. Your ability to learn, evaluate and interpret information will help assist you during difficult situations.

Become serious about your responsibilities. Show good judgement and that you are more than capable for your role within your CENTURY 21 franchise. Being able to consistently action and achieve goals will help to motivate your staff. With commonsense and competence, respect will follow.

Leaders need to have respect within their workplace to be able to successfully pursue a vision. By establishing a relentless drive towards achieving set goals and in doing so teaching and inspiring others to do the same will naturally position you as a leader. Successful leaders are humble and focused.

Whilst there may well be a set corporate structure within your office place, it is important that you as owner and/or manager encourage all staff equally, offering motivation, support and credit when due.

As you can see there is not one golden attribute that will instantly improve your business overnight. Depending on your goals, what skills are seen as ‘essential’ may well be subjective. However the aforementioned skill set is a good starting point to help you build a successful CENTURY 21 agency.

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