Essential tips for franchise success

With its remarkable reputation and proven business model, owning a CENTURY 21 franchise offers you a head start against your real estate competitors.  However, in owning a real estate franchise, you need to stay ahead of the game by learning about the tools you can use to help your business grow and succeed.

The following tips may prove useful in the running of your CENTURY 21 franchise:

1. Maintain a strong work ethic
This may seem obvious, but maintaining a consistent work ethic can lead to increased sales and growth.  To get the most out of your franchise you need to learn how to maximise each section of your business, encouraging your staff to become 100 per cent committed.   By offering extra training for your staff and creating bonus packages you can help to motivate and encourage your team to stay focused and on top of their game.
2. Seek independent expert advice when required
Owning a franchise can become overwhelming at times, especially with the complex legal and financial issues which can sometimes arise.  When issues get beyond your level of knowledge it can be a good idea to seek expert advice, especially before signing any documents.

3. Ensure you have your family’s support
The effort required to own and run your franchise may take a toll on your personal life.  Take the time to balance your work life with your family life and ask your family and friends for their support when needed.  

4. Fine tune your daily business skills
As well as doing what you’re good at, selling real estate, running a CENTURY 21 franchise requires you to communicate with staff, manage clients, and monitor and understand your business’ structure, strategy and planning processes.  If you feel that you lack the skills for any of these tasks, perhaps take the time to engage in an external training or business course to help increase your proficiency. 

5. Have an open mind and be passionate
You need to enter into this franchise with an open mind.  Talking to your staff and being passionate about what you do and respectful of others’ ideas will help you to see and act on new opportunities as you grow.

It is important to note that not everything can be learnt from a text book; rather it is experience in your franchise that should help you to learn and experience business growth.

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