Essentials for Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management (HRM) is essential to the growth and development of your CENTURY 21 franchise.  HRM is based fundamentally on the management of your employees, and aims to establish different avenues and support mechanisms to drive them towards successfully accomplishing their set goals, and those of your business.

Many would argue that people, i.e. human resources, are a business’ greatest asset.  Thus, practising good HRM will most likely be of great value to all companies including real estate agencies, increasing productivity and benefiting overall business development. 

Employee management is not always easy and is one of the most significant aspects of running a franchise.  Good techniques must be learnt and implemented.  Franchise owners and managers can look to established HR guidelines, such as those offered by CENTURY 21’s business support system, for assistance with the processes that should occur when hiring and retaining staff members.

Strong HR practice within your franchise should see you positioned to more ably hire the right people, manage and train employees, resolve disputes, set salaries and rewards, and ultimately dismiss when required.  From an efficiency perspective in particular, HRM is often considered essential for the development and growth of a business.

HRM also concerns the measures in place to motivate and encourage employees – whether you accept it or not, a franchise’s bottom line will usually be highly dependent on the satisfaction and overall drive of its staff, especially in a sales based organisation such as real estate.  Happy employees should result in profitability and increased customer satisfaction levels, and happy employees are in many ways dependent on an effective HRM system.  The challenge to you as owner or manager of your franchise is to find the right balance between motivating staff and enacting constructive discipline. 

As manager or owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise it is your responsibility to provide a desirable and functioning working environment where there is a level of respect and appreciation for all employees.  If you have not established an HR department within your real estate office, or at least maintain efficient HR structures, you should seriously consider doing so.  Dedicating resources to managing HR could very easily assist you to better communicate with and motivate your employees, to the ultimate benefit of your business. 

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