Focus your business in 2014

As a business owner, it can be easy to allow your attention to spread far and wide across all of the activities your Century 21 franchise undertakes. While periodically checking in on individual tasks or projects might keep you generally abreast of operations, it may be more effective to focus on ensuring key aspects of your business are operating at peak performance. Below we have three tips for aspects of the business which you could focus on improving over the next twelve months.

1. Customer service

Ensuring your staff are highly skilled in the provision of superior customer service could significantly contribute towards making a name for your brand in the community. Being known for quickly responding to customers and providing a high level of attention to detail and service is a strong point of differentiation for any business, and could allow your franchise to stand out for all the right reasons as compared to other real estate offices in the region.

2. Quality

While “quality” can be somewhat of a tricky indicator to quantify, it’s still important to strive towards the provision of a quality product at every step of the process. This could mean ensuring that staff are providing correct and timely advice to clients, exceeding customers’ expectations wherever possible, or even something as simple as ensuring all staff are proudly wearing their uniforms.

3. Creativity 

Is your team tackling challenges with a unique and individual approach, or merely providing every client with the same solution? Facilitating an environment which encourages your team to resourcefully adapt to differing circumstances and create new solutions to a client’s individual circumstances may help to ensure that clients are receiving a high level of customer service.

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