Four tips for encouraging a healthy workplace


A clean and healthy workplace is vital to maintaining strong levels of employee productivity, attendance and morale. As such, here are five key tips to help you provide a healthy working environment for staff.

1)    Encourage active lunch breaks: while this option may not be suitable for all offices at all times, encouraging an active lunch break can be a great way to help your employees strike a healthy work/life balance. For example, you may want to look at forming a lunchtime sporting competition or going for team walks. You may find that regular exercise benefits your employees’  energy levels, mindsets and posture;  

 2)      Keep moving: research has shown that sitting down for extended time-periods can have adverse impacts on the health and wellbeing of employees. This is why it is important to encourage staff  to stand up and stretch every two hours; this will likely help them to avoid cramps, headaches and more long-term problems such as back pain;

 3)      Plan ahead: encourage your office to plan ahead when it comes to lunches. You may want to suggest to staff that they take five or ten minutes at the start of each day to plan a lunch accompanied by healthy snacks;

 4)      Practice hygiene and food safety techniques: healthy workplace practices not only deal with diet and exercise, but matters of hygiene as well. As such, it is important to encourage employees to keep the workspace clean and hygienic, especially around food preparation areas in the office.  


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