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As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 real estate franchise, it is essential to understand that your methods of management are key to ensuring the productivity and happiness of your staff members.  Basically – satisfied and motivated employees will be more likely reinvest their own efforts and time into building your business, helping to ensure improved levels of success and profitability. 

Business managers must therefore create working environments that allow their staff to flourish.  A good place to start is to have a look at how your office is currently operating and determine what is working or not working.  Are your staff members happy and productive? Are there appropriate incentive programs in place? Do they have the tools needed to complete their tasks?

Once you’ve considered the current state of your business, if needed you can start to put structures in place that enable your staff members to work most productively and ensure levels of satisfaction.  The following considers some common areas where improvements are often needed. 

 Provide the appropriate equipment

While your staff may be incredibly efficient, their effectiveness could be being limited by the tools they are given (or not given) to work with.  Providing your team with the appropriate equipment and technology can therefore be incredibly beneficial for levels of productivity. For example, if you have real estate agents who are often on the road, giving them Smartphones and internet connections could enable them to use their time more productively and achieve more throughout the day. 

Provide clear tasks and targets

As a manager you will no doubt have a good idea of what you need your staff to achieve, or how particular projects should be structured.  However, in some cases, if not spelt out clearly, tasks may not be completed in the way you had envisioned them to be – e.g. they might not be prioritised correctly.  To ensure clarity, you might like to clearly define large goals through a series of smaller tasks which are delegated appropriately with set deadlines. 

Motivate and incentivise

Most people like to have something to work towards.  Rewarding staff (on both a team and individual level) for good work and met targets can help to encourage greater levels of productivity and a sense of achievement.  Rewards don’t have to be expensive – even cost effective incentives can mean a lot to your team. 

Unlocking the potential of your staff members should be a key goal of any manager or business owner.  In creating a structure where employees are better able to achieve their goals, you can ultimately build a productive and happy working environment. 

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