Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable


Like most CENTURY 21 Principals, you’re probably focused on growing your business, and maximising the opportunities available for your agents. One way to help increase the opportunities for you and your business is to step outside your comfort zone.

Stepping outside your comfort zone doesn’t mean you need to go sky-diving, or embark on a month long trek to the Himalayas – it could be as simple as endeavouring to meet one new person every day. This could be in the line at the coffee shop, or while waiting for service at the grocery store.

Below we have three tips for maximising the opportunities for your franchise by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

1. Remove time as an obstacle: many people find themselves ruled by their calendar in 10-15 minute increments. While calendars are an essential tool to manage a busy schedule, try building flexibility in to your calendar, by making every appointment start 15 minutes before you’ve agreed to meet the other person. You may be surprised at the extra time this can build into your day;

2. Confront your fears: many people are unaware of their fears, and thusly let them rule their day to day actions. Writing your fears down, and progressively overcoming them is one way of ensuring that your emotional fears don’t dictate your day-to-day operations;

3.Experience a new role: try giving the receptionist the morning off and taking over his or her role for a period – you’ll experience how customers feel about your business. You may also realise ways to improve this staff members role and productivity..

Try being uncomfortable with the status quo, and you may be surprised at the changes you can make for the better.


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