Green tips for every office

In recent years, the idea of “going green” has taken off in the corporate world. In addition to helping the environment, the introduction of ‘green’ workplace practices may help to achieve some considerable costs savings for your business. With that said, here are four tips to help you make your office a more environmentally friendly workplace: 

1) Sustainable food practices: you may want to consider providing dishcloths as opposed to paper towels to dry cups, plates and cutlery. This will allow your office to not only save on paper towels, but also produce less waste on a day-to-day basis; 

2) Recycled paper and sustainable printing: many office supply stores now offer recycled printing paper that is comparable to standard paper varieties in both quality and cost. Certain printers also offer an ‘eco-print’ function that not only saves ink and/or toner, but also reduces the energy used to print documents – often without sacrificing quality. Consider these alternatives and you may find that your bottom-line – as well as the environment – benefits;

3) Bring green elements indoors: welcoming a few carefully selected plants into your office may have a significant impact on your green initiatives. Plants work to filter out pollutants present in atmosphere and improve the quality of air;

4) Shut computers down properly: your office’s energy consumption will likely be high if your employees leave desktop computers on overnight. As such, it is important to remind staff members to be diligent when shutting down their computers properly. Not only will your costs likely minimise, but the environment will benefit as well. 

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