Have the tough conversations

A great franchise is only ever as good as its staff and even with the best recruitment practices businesses will usually experience challenges with staff. It’s best to quickly deal with these issues, as leaving them to fester could contaminate the great team culture you’ve been working for months, or years to build.

When dealing with these types of employees, it is best to have a constructive meeting as soon as you identify an issue. In having this meeting, you will likely discover the root cause of the issue and may be able easily resolve it, preventing the issue from escalating.

While these conversations can be difficult for managers and staff alike, you’ll likely find that having them will lift a weight off everyone’s shoulders. With this in mind, we have prepared four tips to help manage unproductive staff.

1. Start the conversation: managers may simply avoid discussing any performance issues with employees, leaving the issue until they can’t avoid dealing with it. You may find that employees are having issues outside of work that are affecting their performance, and be able to provide flexible working solutions to help solve these;

2. Be prepared: clearly explaining that you are meeting to constructively discuss the employees’ performance may help keep the tone of the meeting upbeat. It may also help to bring along documentation of instances that unwanted behaviours have damaged the employees performance, adding credence to your arguments.

3. Ensure confidentiality: office gossip at its best is disruptive, and at worst, malicious. When meeting to discuss performance issues, set out firm ground rules that ensure the employee won’t gossip about your conversation with other staff. This can avoid embarrassment for both you and the staff member in question;

4. Keep records: documentation of these issues allows you to keep track of an employee progress. These may include a variety of forms and paperwork including records of verbal and written warnings as well as performance management plans.


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