Healthy habits, healthy workplace productivity

Establishing a healthy workplace by promoting healthy habits for your employees who are both on the road and in the office can result in significant benefits for your workers and your CENTURY 21 franchise.

The secret to workplace productivity can be simple – healthy employees positively correlate to a successful business. According to the Victorian Government’s WorkHealth program a healthy workplace is one where employers value the health and wellbeing of their workers. Creating a supportive environment where health becomes an integral part of your business’ strategy and daily initiatives can play a significant role in increasing staff productivity.

As manager or owner of a CENTURY 21 Franchise, it is recommended that you acknowledge the wellbeing of your staff as key to the success of your business. The more initiatives you can implement to improve the health and welfare of your real estate agents who are both out in the field and in house, the more likely you are to keep them actively interested in and engaged with their work.

Here are some helpful facts from WorkHealth that may encourage you to build a healthy workplace:
• Organisations that implement health and wellbeing strategies can reduce their employees’ health risk factors by up to 56%
• Productivity gains of up to 15% can be achieved by upgrading the workplace environment
• Obese employees are more likely to take higher levels of sick leave. Absenteeism due to sickness costs Australian businesses $7 billion annually.
• Overweight agents are more likely to have additional health risks and are considered by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council to be less productive and prone to injuries.
• Stress related workplace claims cost Australian businesses more than $200 million annually.

Impressing upon your agents the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity amongst other habits, can not only help to improve profitability and efficiency within your Franchise, but can also enhance the general wellbeing of your CENTURY 21 real estate agents.

Several simple ways to boost health and productivity at your workplace include:
1. Challenge your staff to a fitness challenge
2. Opt for healthier food choices for working luncheons or catered events
3. Utilise natural light in the office as much as possible
4. Implement support services or health workshops to educate employees on the importance of their wellbeing
5. Select healthy rewards as incentives when encouraging or thanking employees
6. Organise office sports competitions
7. Create policies and practices that support a healthy balanced lifestyle
8. Make healthy and nutritious snacks readily available for your staff, such as fruit
9. Make sure your managerial leadership style embraces and supports the functioning of a healthy workspace

Creating an environment where you value the health and wellbeing of your workers has a number of benefits, including the reduced risk of chronic disease and workplace injury, as well as the potential for a drastic increase in your CENTURY 21 Franchise’s workplace productivity and success. Healthy eating habits really do equate to a healthy business.

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