Hiring the right fit for your team

With the New Year already well underway it may be time for your agency to start employing some new agents. As with any New Year, 2013 will likely bring a variety of changes that may require your existing team to take on new faces. If this does occur, it will be important for you to consider the effect(s) that your prospective hire(s) may have on your existing team members. A candidate may be qualified, but are they the right fit? If you’ve worked hard to establish a sustainable, proactive team environment, the last thing you want to do is jeopardise it by making a bad hire.

With the view to hire a hard-working, and above all, well-suited team member, here are three essential tips to remember: 

1. Focus on mentorship: with a heavy – or increasing – workload, it can be easy to lose sight of a simple, yet crucial piece of information: that at some point, we were all new employees. That is why as circumstances change and your workers move throughout various roles, you should aim to communicate the importance of mentoring within your team. Doing such will likely help to not only foster assurance and security within your employees, but also generate a positive industry image for your agency. 

2. Crystalise expectations: remembering, too, that an interview is a communicative experience; an employee interview should aim to outline the expectations of the job. To this end, you should endeavour to make sure that candidates are aware of what they could potentially be walking into and that you, as an employer, are confident that they will be prepared. 

3. Involve your team in the process: treading the fine line between subjectivity and objectivity during an interview can sometimes be a difficult task. For instance, a candidate with whom you relate on a personal level may not necessarily fit within the existing work environment. As an employer, and a team leader, your decision to hire a new agent should be informed not only by your gut and emotions, but also the people around you. 

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