How being ‘green’ from the beginning will help your agency

It is a constant source of surprise how many businesses, to this day, refuse to implement recycling and energy conservation practices, for fear of the cost to their businesses.  What these companies fail to realise is that by adopting environmentally friendly practices, a business will enjoy many tangible benefits.  For real estate agencies, where a solid reputation is an integral means of attracting sales, putting a variety of ‘green’ procedures into place will help to draw in customers, cut and control costs and position the company as being socially responsible. 

 For franchisees that are opening new CENTURY 21 offices, try to implement energy and environmentally efficient practices from the very beginning.  This also goes for offices undergoing renovation.  The installation of energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning, heating and appliances will be very similar in cost to their non-energy efficient counterparts, and will cut your business’ operating expenses substantially, increasing profitability. 

All CENTURY 21 agencies should consider purchasing environmentally friendly office supplies, such as recycled paper supplies and printer cartridges.  Energy conservation activities are also very important – the prudent management of energy is one of the most convenient and effective cost cutting measures a business can take.  Encourage agents in your office to switch off lights in closed rooms that aren’t being used such as toilets, and to turn off computer screens when leaving for the day.  Try to look into office equipment that has an energy efficiency rating, like printers and copiers, and research energy facts before you buy – laptops are much more energy efficient than PCs for example. 

In a market where environmental issues are at the fore and with consumers placing a huge emphasis on implementing greener practices in their own homes, it is definitely an unwise business move for companies not to follow suit.  From an expense perspective it is definitely in a business’ best interests to employ the most cost effective practices, which many energy efficient products have been proven to be.  

From a customer perspective, the fact that your agency has no environmental management program in place could be highly damaging to your reputation.  With the implementation of energy efficient practices in businesses becoming highly commonplace, customers are beginning to remember businesses not for their ‘greenness’ but for their lack of it.  Try to become known in your community as a socially responsible business, and reap the rewards that this image can bring!  

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