How shorter training sessions can be more productive

Conducting proper training/work in progress sessions can be a powerful tool for facilitating productivity within your CENTURY 21 franchise. These meetings with your staff can not only help to build relationships within your workplace but can also assist in improving the implementation of strategies as well as the achievement of business efficiencies.

The length of time over which a staff training session or work in progress meeting is conducted is crucial to ensure a successful outcome. At times, less really is more. As such, it can sometimes be better to host several short 10 – 15 minute sessions per week, as opposed to one lengthy meeting.

By offering several shorter sessions each week, you are encouraging productivity and repetition as it is generally these succinct meetings that capture the most attention and dedication from your staff. Brief team meetings can certainly motivate staff to be more time efficient with their delivery of information to the team and pitching of new ideas - which can transcend and help them in their role as a real estate agent. 

Additionally, in the holding of several short sessions, there is an opportunity for your real estate agents to take on new ideas at the beginning of the week, implement these new techniques and ways of thinking in their daily activities, and then discuss their experiences and gain feedback from the team at the end of the week.  This cycle of regular learning, action and feedback can help to improve staff development within your CENTURY 21 franchise.     

As most real estate agents are either out on the road or inundated with paperwork, hosting short, regular training sessions or team meetings can help to keep momentum flowing – which is important for getting tasks done.  Acknowledging the achievement of tasks or progress made, and setting expectations from one meeting to the next ensures the project or issue is continuously moved forward. It is through this short but constant meeting with your team that you are able to action important tasks at hand and get timely resolutions.

As the manager or owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise the communication you choose to have with your staff will affect your bottom-line and staff turnover. Encouraging short training sessions and work in progress meetings is an ideal way to help boost productivity and continue to actively train your staff.

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