How to discuss uncomfortable topics with staff

There are a number of issues that can arise with employees and colleagues in the workplace, including concerns regarding poor performance, unacceptable behaviour or personal hygiene.  As the manager or owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise it becomes your responsibility to approach your employees to respectfully discuss and resolve such uncomfortable topics.

One of the biggest problems in many businesses today can be the under-management staff; a great deal of managers feel uncomfortable instigating difficult conversations about problems with employees and so refrain from doing so.  However some troubles that arise with staff have the potential to cost your franchise in terms of profit and productivity, and can lead to the loss of other efficient staff and current and potential clients.

Using methods of positive confrontation to approach employees with respect and dignity can help you to tackle minor issues before they get out of hand and should assist you in protecting both your other staff and your franchise from unacceptable behaviour and financial loss.  To rectify a situation quickly, it is very important to be able to articulate clearly what it is that you want to say, and to convey your message in a meaningful way.   

When talking with the person in question the following tactics may help to ensure your message is as best received as possible:
• Reiterate positive compliments and motivation prior to and post criticism;
• Conduct your conversation in privacy away from other employees to reduce embarrassment;
• Try to communicate the issue clearly, providing examples to ensure understanding.
• Remain open minded to feedback;
• Try to empower the person to act on changing their habits with your support.

Issues within your CENTURY 21 franchise have the potential to negatively impact productivity and overall staff performance.  It is therefore important for franchise managers and owners to manage internal problems and resolve uncomfortable topics with employees as quickly as possible.  

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