How to gain the respect of your employees

It is not uncommon for business owners to believe that they can garner respect from their employees simply through their positional power and superiority. In practice – however, this does not always occur; employee respect is often dependent on the way in which owners choose to engage with their staff.

By creating a workplace founded on mutual respect and collective problem solving, an owner can encourage their employees to become personally invested in the future of their business. This can work to improve employee morale, staff retention, organisational consistency and workplace productivity.

How can an owner gain and preserve the respect of their employees?

1.       Be active and engaged in your workplace:  demonstrate your skills and knowledge by occasionally participating in problem solving activities; this will help to foster stronger relationships with your employees and allow staff to recognise the value in your expertise;

2.       Set tasks which challenge your employees to use their initiative: investing in your employees’ development and encouraging them to challenge themselves can often lead to greater levels of reliability, ownership and dedication towards business goals;

3.       Show genuine interest in the lives of your employees: getting to know your employees is often critical to developing mutual respect on both a professional and personal level;

4.       Structure your business so that all employees have a degree of access to you if necessary: while it is natural for you to interact with some employees more than others, it is important that you make time to communicate with all of your staff regularly; this will likely help to enhance employee morale and transparency; 

5.       Encourage your team to become invested in the decision making process: every now and then, ask for the opinions of your employees when making key business decisions; this will give you the best chance of ensuring that your staff feel valued and factored into the direction that your business is heading;

6.       Remember that actions speak louder than words: make sure that your business’ philosophy is reflected in your own professional practices; this will demonstrate an important degree of leadership integrity, which can then be filtered down and applied throughout various levels of your business;

7.       Take responsibility for your mistakes: demonstrating an awareness of your own faults can help to encourage an honest, open, accountable and inclusive working environment founded on mutual recognition and respect. 

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