How to keep your staff focused and productive

Real estate principals are always on the look-out for innovative ways to boost their office’s sales numbers – whether it’s through marketing, technology or direct sales techniques. In the search for new approaches, some principals may overlook the importance of staff motivation. In light of this, here are three key tips to help principals motivate their staff towards higher levels of productivity and success.

1) Daily sales checklists: you may find that your sales team is more focused and productive if you encourage them to compile a daily checklist. Daily checklists should include tasks in order of priority, and should be monitored and enforced by line managers across departments. Through having staff members develop their own checklists, you will likely encourage them to take ownership of their tasks and, in turn, increase employee accountability;

2) Recognise opportunity: when a client or prospect declines your services, try to take something constructive from the experience. For example, rather than ignoring an unsuccessful client meeting, you may want to consider developing a case study to illustrate to staff the ‘dos’ and don’ts’ of client interactions. At the end of the day, no opportunity is wasted if you can take some value from it. 

3) Performance based incentives: it’s no secret that performance based incentives often help to motivate employees on an individual level; however, team performance incentives may also yield some positive results. Why? Because team-based incentives often lend themselves to increased productivity, efficiency and staff morale. 


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