How to kill your small business

Not to be super negative or anything, but I thought today I’d blog about how to succeed in killing your small business. People who want to start their own business, like our franchisees at Century 21 are committed to success and exceeding their own expectations. Growing their business is their number one focus, and that’s how it should be. There are lots of ways to expand and improve your business potential. There’s also a great way to ensure its demise. And that’s to do nothing.


How many times have you heard people talk about “one day”, “later”, or “when I have time”? Often, one day and later never come, and you never actually find the time. These types of excuses are a great way to leave your business dead in the water. Lots of people will take the time to write down ideas and ways they think they can improve their business and profitability, but if all these notes remain just that, and don’t translate into action, then the someday never comes, and chances are neither will your business growth.


If you wait for things to be perfect before you launch your business, you’ll be waiting forever. Even some of the biggest brands online launched prior to being perfect – look at the examples here -  how 20 popular Web sites looked when they first launched. The functionality displayed isn’t what we know and expect of them today, but if the people behind these concepts had waited for everything to be 100% right, or until ‘later’ to launch these sites, they may not be around at all.


If you want to get out there and run your own business and control your own destiny, you need to stop waiting and stop telling yourself that your business isn’t ready. One of the greatest things about running a small  business is getting to experiment, to take chances, getting to try and even if you do fail, it’s a lesson learned that will ultimately better what you’re trying to achieve.

Stop waiting and start doing!  
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