How to maintain a Social Media presence

It can be said that the media landscape in which all businesses, including real estate, is constantly changing.  And with the continuous redevelopment of the internet, this rate of change is occurring at an exponential rate and affects how we like to receive information and via which mediums.   In order to remain successful and ahead of the competition, it is essential for franchises to remain in touch with such trends and to market accordingly. 

Whilst CENTURY 21 has successfully joined the social media bandwagon hosting an interactive website with blogs, online technology and Smartbook, it can be hugely beneficial to your CENTURY 21 franchise to maintain and enhance CENTURY 21’s social media presence in your local neighbourhood.

So how can your CENTURY 21 franchise maintain and build on your social media campaign once it has been established?

It can often be useful to consider tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs not just as a means of marketing, but also as modern methods of communication – i.e. a two way means of interacting with your clients.  Thus, rather than simply disseminating mass information to your database, you can gain valuable information from your market by responding to their comments.  Continuing the conversation can also have the added benefit of showing your audience that you are committed to listening to their needs and improving your service accordingly. 

Responding to online customer communication often requires you to proactively monitor feedback which is negative as well as positive.  As opposed to simply worrying about how these negative comments will impact your reputation, try to use them as an opportunity to conduct valuable market research, responding in such a way as to determine the root of the problem, and endeavour to fix it.  Once again, this will show your market that you value their opinions and will go above and beyond the efforts of other real estate agencies to solve their issues. 

Another way to stay on top of your social media campaign is to frequently provide your audience with simple pieces of useful information - these will entice them to make a habit of returning to your site regularly.  Publishing items such as interesting articles you have read, data about their area, tips surrounding selling and buying and the like, can help to position your franchise as a useful and reliable source of information and as such could increase your standing as a real estate leader in the community. 

If your franchise decides to pursue a valuable social media campaign, remember that it is important to keep your mediums up to date and relevant.  This can help you to strengthen your franchise’s solid reputation in the community, as well as to enable you to collect valuable market data and manage customer feedback in a proactive and meaningful way. 

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