How to promote your business on a budget

Once you’ve established your own business, getting the word out about it the next big challenge. When you’re probably trying to limit your cash flow as much as possible, how do you promote your business? Just like I’ve preached the benefits of a business plan before, you should also have a good marketing strategy in place for your business. If you join a franchise network like Century 21, you obviously benefit from the international brand and a coordinated marketing and PR strategy for the group, but local marketing is still important. The problem is usually money.

When people think about promotion, most people’s minds tend to gravitate straight towards TV advertising, billboards, radio etc, all of which are priced out of the range of most small businesses budgets. This means new business owners have to find alternative ways to promote themselves that are both affordable and effective. That means thinking outside the square and using your resources wisely. Considering PR rather than paid advertising to try and increase your presence in your local media.  

Consider the power of the internet and use this to promote your business. If you don’t have a website, get one! And if you do have one, look at ways to maximise it for advertising purposes. Considering blogging, like I am here, podcasting and link to YouTube to reach more potential customers. Look at social media as a way to communicate with people – the majority of our country has access to the internet, so use email and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk to people for very little, or no cost. There will be a time cost of course, but I think you will find it’s worth the effort.  

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