How to recruit great staff for your office – part four

Over the past three weeks, we have taken an in-depth look at what goes into hiring the right employee(s). But once the recruitment process is complete and the candidate has been selected, how can you ensure that a new employee transitions into their role smoothly? 

One key aspect to ensure that new employees start on the right foot is to integrate them properly into your organisation on their first day of service. An employee’s first day can potentially set the tone for how they perceive their employer, and may be a significant factor in how long they last in their role. 

Here are four simple tips to maximise the value of an employee – from day one:

1. Make a written offer: while it is common practice to make a job offer via telephone, candidates often appreciate a follow-up email with a written offer. Having a  written offer may give the candidate a feeling of job security, making them more likely to actually turn up on the first day;

2. Be prepared with a clear starting date: being upfront with the candidate about their starting date will help to keep the relationship on an even keel during the ‘in-between’ period – that is, the period between job acceptance and commencement;

3. Don’t waste time on paperwork: arrange for any relevant paperwork such as TFN forms, bank account details and superannuation choice forms to be sent to the new employee before they start. Doing so will give the employee an opportunity to complete paperwork  in their own time, as opposed to trying to fill out forms while they’re busy absorbing information and adjusting to a new environment;

4. Explain why you hired them: most new employees will have a particular trait or ability that placed them above other candidates for their position. Explaining this reasoning to your new hire may help to reinforce the connection between their skills, knowledge and experience, and the position you’ve employed them for.

This wraps our four-part series on how to recruit great staff for your office. We hope that you found all of our tips helpful and continue find value in them as you grow your business into the future.

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