How to solve problems in the workplace

Employers and employees are faced with problems in the workplace every day.  As a CENTURY 21 franchisee you need to acknowledge the challenges inherent in running a real estate business and recognise the importance of having effective problem solving strategies in place. 

One difficulty with problem solving is dealing with peoples’ reactions to the problems at hand.  It is often the case that people respond to issues in the workplace too quickly without understanding the real cause and influencers of the situation.

People can also be uncomfortable with confrontation.  The possibility of being faced with a problem becomes a problem and therefore people sometimes tend to look for someone else to blame. 

Whilst there are always going to be problems within your workplace, problem solving is a skill that can be learned.  One solution is to introduce problem solving methods and role play scenarios. 

As the franchisee it is recommended you outline to your staff at induction the company’s procedure and guidelines for dealing with problems at work. 

There are generally three alternate methods you could share with your employees to assist them with problem solving in the workplace:

Trial and Error
This method is best used when it does not involve risk to any person, equipment or large sums of money.  It is a simple method where different solutions are used to see what works best.

Extended Systematic System
By breaking a problem into parts, you give yourself the ability to gather evidence to help solve the problem.  This is a key approach for solving large projects involving multiple parties.

5 Step Problem Solving Procedure
This is perhaps the best way to initially respond to any problem at hand.
1. Identify the problem
2. Gather information about the situation
3. List possible solutions to the problem
4. Evaluate possible results of each solution
5. Decide on the best solution

Whilst there is no right way to respond to a problem, it is in the best interests of your CENTURY 21 franchise to direct your staff towards effective methods of problem solving in the workplace. Creating a conflict-free, productive atmosphere will help to ensure the success of your company. 

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