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The Managing Director of ZMM Group, Century 21’s national public relations agency, Michael Zahn, recently gave a speech at Century 21’s Australasian Convention discussing how Century 21 uses public relations to the brand’s advantage.

Michael has provided Gold Magazine with an edited excerpt of his presentation which summarises its key points and provides some interesting insights into how some of his strategies might be applied at a local level.

There is a strong correlation between Century 21’s top sales offices and the winners of Century 21’s Gold Hat awards across the states. This is because most of these offices have set clear goals, have a clear strategy and are constantly striving to better their best coverage with a new story, angle or insight that they could share with local reporters.

Reporters should be considered a real estate agent’s best friend. You should treat a reporter as you would any other key strategic partner for your agency, taking them out to lunch, keeping them regularly updated with how you feel about the local market and providing them with interesting news angles, such as an innovative sales process or heavily-trafficked open homes.

However, it should be remembered that building relationships with local journalists is not the only strategy for getting your name out in the media.

Another tool that can be overlooked is the tried and trusted media release. Century 21’s Members Gallery has a number of templates which cover a variety of topics such as a record number of listings, advice for selling in winter (and summer) as well as templates to use when a member of your office has won an award. These are complemented by two media release templates distributed by Century 21’s national marketing team which feature quotes from Charles Tarbey on topical issues in the Australian property market.

These templates are an easy and effective method for kick-starting your public relations strategy. Another public relations tool that you can use to help build a presence in your region is Century 21’s TwentyOne magazine, the home ideas, lifestyle and property magazine which is published quarterly.

The magazine has a range of contributors, from leading buyer’s agent Chris Gray to celebrity chef Luke Mangan, and regular features topics such as gardening tips, the latest in technology and home wares reviews.

TwentyOne can be used in your area to build brand awareness by providing it to local cafes, hairdressers and other businesses with well-trafficked waiting areas. Due to the high quality of its content, the magazine tends to be well-received by these businesses which appreciate its novelty factor and your effort in providing it to them.

It’s also an extremely effective listing tool and Century 21’s national marketing team has heard from many agents who’ve used it as part of the sales process or in a mail out to established customers and listed properties as a result.

Above all, engaging in all of your public relations activities with the same enthusiasm and engagement as when you deal with the rest of your real estate marketing is the key to success.

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