Important interview components

Last week, we focused on the content of recruitment interviews and examined how interview questions can impact on whether a business hires the right candidate.   

However, an interview is not solely about the questions asked. An interview has a number of components that can potentially make or break the success of the hiring process. Here are some of the most important:

1. Choose appropriate participants: the first key decision before an interview is to determine how many interviewers are needed. If you’re interviewing for a senior position, it may be appropriate to conduct a board-style interview with the senior management team. However, if the job requires less responsibility, a less formal one-on-one interview may suffice;

2. Consider testing candidates: asking for some samples of a candidate’s previous work may help you to get a better feel for the candidate’s style, skill level and suitability for the role;  

3. Choose the right location: if your office meeting room is large and public, it may be appropriate to take the candidate into a private room or out to a local coffee shop. This way, the candidate will not have to feel intimidated by the presence of existing staff during the interview. Henry Ford famously took all of his job candidates out to lunch in order to get to know them socially. It seemed to work pretty well for him, so who knows, it might work for you? 

4. Evaluate against criteria: by numerically ranking candidates’ abilities against a set criteria, you may be able to better identify potential strengths and weaknesses and weigh up who is the best fir for your business. Having an established methodology behind your hiring process may also give you confidence that you’ve make the right recruitment decisions;

Applying these practical tips may help you to interview candidates in a more efficient and effective manner. Check back next week for the final part in this series when we will be discussing how to extend job offers and induct new employees on their first day. 

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