Improve the success of your franchise by teaching essential skills to new managers

In today’s world of driven and ambitious people, promotions are usually given to those who excel in a particular role.  For a real estate franchise, it is not surprising that the agents who rise through the ranks are those who achieve excellence in selling property.

However, businesses can sometimes encounter a small hiccup when the role that one has been promoted into requires skills that were not necessarily a part of the job that got them there in the first place.  For instance, a sales-driven, results focused individual real estate agent may find themselves promoted to an executive role that requires them to manage others – a job that may prove challenging.

As the owner or manager of a real estate franchise, it is up to you to not only promote people who you believe will be capable of carrying out the role, but to also install thorough training sessions to ensure that your new managers are aware of the jobs they must do, and gain a sense of the best way to do them. 

So what then are the most imperative skills to teach new managers as they enter your real estate franchise?

Managing others
Real estate agents who enter higher-level executive roles must understand that they are not single agents anymore; rather they are needed to co-ordinate the activities of other colleagues at lower levels.  Managing others also involves delegating tasks, assigning priority to such tasks, as well as motivating your team and recognising and congratulating excellent sales results. 

Learning how to listen to people
Managers will be approached by their team with issues and concerns.  In order to resolve problems quickly and effectively it is important for managerial staff to understand how to listen to people and to act quickly. 

Stress management
Unfortunately with more responsibility often comes a higher level of stress, which if not dealt with properly can be problematic for both managers themselves and their teams.  Managers need to be provided with simple means of allaying stress, so that it is not detrimental to their role and is not passed on to their staff. 

If provided with essential training at the very beginning of their role, new management staff in your real estate franchise should be able to quickly develop the skills required to be an excellent asset to your business.  By ensuring that appropriate training programs are put in place, you will be well placed to set your office up for success and get the best out of your team. 

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