In real estate, customer service is key

I’ve talked about the importance of customer service previously, and I can confidently say that CENTURY 21 Australia prides itself on the level of customer service we provide. Even when times were booming, our Offices were striving to work harder and smarter for their customers. Now in the current market where many people are facing property challenges, there are no excuses not to be going above and beyond when it comes to helping people through these often stressful transactions.


The core of the customer service attitude exercised by CENTURY 21 is the belief that selling real estate is more than those three words imply. Working in this industry, we are charged with assisting people through what is considered one of the most significant and stressful events in a person’s life. In particular, the process of moving house involves a lot more than just your real estate agent – you will be possibly be considering storage, removalists, cleaners and insurance amongst a myriad of other things. If your new home needs work you’ll be looking at trades people, or if you’re purchasing a house with a pool you’ll be considering pool security and maintenance. For many, this growing list of things to do means the process can become a daunting one.

CENTURY 21 partners with relevant and trusted suppliers to help ease as much of this stress as we can. Being able to put you in direct contact with the likes of surveyors, instant storage and utility connection services can reduce what is otherwise a very long list of things to do! Talk to your agent about how we can assist with more than just finding you your dream home.    

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