Inspiration in the workplace

From a business owner’s perspective, the ability to inspire staff is essential to maximising business productivity and success. Through focussing on bringing inspiration into the workplace, owners can potentially spur greater levels of employee development, contribution, performance and satisfaction. 

Here are four key tips to keep in mind when aiming to inspire employees:

1. It starts with you: it is important to remember that inspiration often starts at the top of a hierarchy before trickling down to the foundations. As such, it is important for business owners to lead with inspirational actions and behaviours as opposed to expecting that their employees will simply inspire themselves; 

2. Inspire the group and the individual: a business owner should look to inspire employees on group and individual levels. A suggested approach is to try and identify a series of shared inspirations and/or motivating factors among employees, and then structure management approaches around these factors. Striking the right balance between managing employees on a group and individual level can help to make managers seem more accessible, and employees feel more valued;

3. Constructive criticism is essential: the manner in which a business owner addresses mistakes can work to either discourage or inspire their employees; an overly critical response may inhibit an employee’s efforts and deter them from asking questions. As such, it is always best to employ a constructive approach that not only addresses the issue directly at hand, but aims to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future;

4. Develop career paths: do your employees know where they’re going? If staff don’t have an idea about where they want to be in the next five years, it may be difficult to guide and inspire them; without goals, direction and focus can be harder to gain. It is therefore important to help employees define their career goals and paths, and develop strategies to help them achieve such. 

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