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It is fair to say that much of the success of a workplace, be it a real estate agency or any other business, is highly dependent on its staff.  While employees who lack motivation may still be very good at what they do, inspiring your staff to further achieve can generate healthy ideas and lead to a workplace with improved productivity.  To be able to encourage employees it becomes important that leaders can clearly define what it takes to succeed, and then instil in their employees the notion that great success is possible for them as well.

Having said this, for most employers, asking staff to arrive at work freshly motivated with new ideas may be an impractical quest.  Inspiration is not only about encouraging new ideas by offering thoughts, education and motivation; it also requires an environment that can effectively cultivate and bring such new concepts to life.  For example, this may be in the form of conducting office brainstorming sessions.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” – Robert Francis Kennedy.

As the owner or manager of a real estate franchise, you must accept some responsibility for the ongoing development of your agents.  The most valuable managers and leaders are those who help their employees meet their core mental and emotional needs. 

In Fast Company magazine (October 2010), Tony Schwartz (President and CEO of The Energy Project, a company that helps individuals and companies through the science of high performance) offers four traits that managers can employ to help inspire their workforce.
1. Realise that how people feel at work affects their performance; it is therefore in the best interests of your franchise to help your employees meet their personal core mental, physical and emotional needs.
2. Define and teach employees what it takes to succeed, empowering and trusting them to excel.
3. Develop in yourself the ability to recognise employees’ strengths, encouraging them to realise their true potential.
4. Inspire all employees to develop a healthy sense of self worth despite their imperfections; this will help to energise the workplace.

Inspiring your staff can create a win-win situation for your franchise’s success.  If your employees have faith in your leadership and what they can learn from you, you may find your team to be more eager to come to work, developing and sharing new ideas which could see your business and your team reaping the benefits.

Showing enthusiasm and establishing a reciprocal relationship of trust and loyalty are key factors that will help to motivate your workforce.

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