Knowing what your agency stands for

As a real estate franchisor you spend a great deal of time building up your business.  You put in the hours and effort to establish and cultivate solid client relationships and you start to hire like-minded real estate agents and office staff to work with you.  Eventually your franchise gains standing and respect within the community and the number of properties your agency has successfully sold grows.

However what good is any of this hard work if the glue holding the business together is your own presence as the owner, rather than your agency representing a culture where your team understands what it is the organisation stands for? 

In order for your real estate agency to operate as an integrated, co-ordinated and consistent company, your employees should understand how the business they work at is superior to competitors and as a whole are able to communicate this to various stakeholders, such as clients, prospective clients, local community organisations and (where appropriate) the media.

For the public, the essence of any company is only as good as that which is conveyed to them by a staff member they have come into contact with.  An unpleasant phone conversation with a bored receptionist? Although it may seem harmless, such an event could have serious repercussions for the real estate franchise.  And the occurrence of such a conversation may indicate that your receptionist does not understand, or would prefer not to work within, the culture of your company. 

It is up to you as the leader of your real estate franchise to educate your staff not only on what it is that you believe your real estate agency does truly well, but also to encourage them to personally be a part of it.  Acceptance and embracing of your company culture will come across in your employees’ attitudes towards their work and in their relationships with other people over the course of their business dealings.   

Remember it is these employees who will be representing you and your real estate franchise’s name in the field.  And this isn’t just on the job, as people generally tend to discuss their occupation and daily working activities in social circumstances.  If your agents and office staff truly believe in your agency’s abilities and what it stands for, then employees could act as advocates for your business.  However if this is not the case then you may have potentially just lost a table full of potential clients.

It can be quite a balancing act, however it is important for employees of any organisation, not just a real estate franchise, to have a comprehensive understanding of what the company stands for.  This will ensure that clients have a pleasant experience not only with the agent selling their home, but also with the person who answers the phone when they call.  Educating your staff will also help them to gain a respect for the company, which should come across positively in their work. 


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