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Businesses that succeed despite adverse market conditions often have one defining factor in their success – a strong, confident leader. As a CENTURY 21 franchise owner, being able to provide this strong confident leadership may help your business to persevere and succeed, no matter the conditions the market dictates.

Even if you are a strong, natural leader, it may be worthwhile taking a step back to examine these suggestions for sharpening your leadership skill set.

1. Set high standards: good leaders set high standards, and great leaders ensure that everyone meets them. It may no longer be enough to set a standard and expect staff to meet it by themselves – as a business owner, it’s vital that you follow through with strong support for staff to be able to meet goals and standards you set;

2. Adapt quickly: being adaptable to a changing business environment is essential to success as a CENTURY 21 Franchisee. In order to be adaptable, a finger on current industry trends is essential, as well as a strong knowledge of the local, and national economy;

3. Build from the foundation: try recruiting with the frame of mind that every new recruit has to have the potential to one day run your franchise. Recruiting with this frame of mind may ensure that you recruit employees who are able to meet any challenge you throw at them.


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