Leadership and its impact on your franchise

To lead your CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise effectively, you need to have a vision and communicate that vision clearly to every employee.  Good leadership involves developing qualities such as honesty, intelligence and fairness, while also deflecting a few negative traits, such as those that induce fear and stress in the workplace.

Your franchise’s bottom line, level of employee satisfaction, local reputation and overall success will often stem from the style of leadership you decide to employ. Your actions, comments, expectations and guidance will have a profound impact on the behaviour of your staff and your reputation within your local community.

Today’s ideal of corporate leadership is no longer modelled on authoritarianism. Instead, leadership ideals are now increasingly based on a fusion of emotional intelligence and democracy. This modern day blend of leadership qualities has been seen to help many franchise owners and managers actively engage with their employees identifying both opportunities and potential problems in a proactive, encouraging way.

Companies that are lead poorly have been known to induce in employees feelings of helplessness, anxiety, distress and alienation from work. Remember that leadership is about being influential, which can be achieved through effective communication and engagement.

Leadership is also about inspiring and engaging people to act in the interests of their organisation. As the owner and/or manager of a CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchise, the display of sincerity, integrity, honesty and respect for all staff members will help you to motivate your agents to achieve both their own goals and the vision of the company.

Leaders must display confidence in all that they do and show a level of endurance and stamina.   Leaders must also have the perseverance to pursue goals and possess a degree of calmness when under stress. Such qualities will help you to both manage your staff and reach set goals, ensuring the success of your business. 

While everyone will have their own style of leadership, business owners and managers should try to ensure that the method chosen resonates within their particular workplace and importantly, amongst their staff.  In most businesses it is often the case that the more effective the leadership, the more efficient and productive your staff and overall business will be. 

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Paul Cox

Paul Cox wrote on 05/10/2011 10:27 AM

Excellent blog Perfectly aligned with what is encouraged through the Century 21 International Management Academy
If you need a refresher on running an effective Century 21 Franchise office enrol in the next IMA it is one of the best weeks of training you will ever get Just ask anyone who has been there

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