Maintaining Strong Internal Communications with your Staff

It is incredibly valuable for businesses of all sizes, including your real estate franchise, to consistently communicate with employees in an official manner.  Receiving regular contact from business owners and senior managers about progress and direction goes a long way in helping to keep employees motivated, focused and enthusiastic about their work.

When it comes to your real estate franchise, two methods of communicating effectively with your staff can include the distribution of a regular company newsletter and holding work in progress meetings. 

Company Newsletters
Company newsletters fulfil a variety of purposes.  Not only do they allow the head of the franchise (be it the owner or most senior manager) to communicate directly with all employees, they also allow the franchise to engage staff by conveying motivating company news and plans for the future. 

Good real estate franchise newsletters will have a diverse mix of interesting stories.  Topics can include:
• An address from the General Manager/Owner
• Internal company news
• Information about market conditions
• Achievements of employees
• Employee profiles
• News about the agency’s work in the community

WIP Meetings
While newsletters fulfil the function of communicating essential news and information, the dialogue is only one-way from the franchise to staff.  Holding regular work-in-progress meetings can help to overcome this barrier, allowing staff to converse with their superiors and, importantly, fellow employees. 

WIP meetings are essential for business development as they facilitate brainstorming and the sharing of ideas.  Additionally, they allow both managers and employees to co-ordinate tasks – streamlining business operations. 

Regardless of size, internal communication is essential in any organisation.  Communicating with your staff efficiently and regularly will help to keep them on-task and interested in their work. 

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