Maintaining your Franchise Relationship

Many of the most successful franchisees enjoy a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with their franchisor.  CENTURY 21 understands the importance of franchisee satisfaction and works to maintain successful franchisee-franchisor connections. 

As a franchisee, maintaining a healthy working partnership with your franchisor does not have to be hard, however there are some factors that can impede the relationship.  These may include:
- Stress
- Financial pressures
- Personality clashes
- Miscommunication
- A lack of respect
- Intimidation and authoritarianism
- A lack of support

It is important for you to be aware of these potential obstacles, and work through them to ensure the continuing health of your relationship. 

As a CENTURY 21 franchisee you are of course operating your own business.  However it can be of comfort to know that you have a strong support network and solid business framework behind your real estate agency.  CENTURY 21 has been operational in Australia since 1989 and has spent over two decades developing, testing and maintaining successful business systems.  Working to maintain your relationship with CENTURY 21 as your franchisor will ensure that you maximise the benefit of these systems for your own agency. 

Successful relationships require clear communication.  Many franchisees find that the key to maintaining a working business and franchise relationship is to openly communicate and ask for guidance and feedback.   With a background of significant experience, your franchisor will have a lot to offer – try to ensure that you make use of it when needed. 

It is also important to remember to maintain not just your relationship with your franchisor, but with other franchisees within your network as well.  These fellow business operators could have a lot to share with you and can be a valuable learning tool.    

In the end, as a franchise operator, maintaining a successful relationship with your franchisor can be a powerful way to ensure the success of your business.  Not only will it make your working life easier, but the knowledge gained from others within your franchise operation can help to improve your business’ productivity and results. 


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