Make sure your office leaves a good impression on clients

Most real estate agents understand the power of the first impression.  Even if it is a largely unconscious reaction, potential clients will usually form an opinion about an agent based on elements such as the agent’s clothing, personal hygiene, speech and personality. 

It is important for all real estate franchises to understand that a company’s physical office space also has the power to make or break a prospective client’s positive perception regarding a company, and thus the likelihood of them awarding you their business.  Various elements such as the colours, lighting, layout, cleanliness and location will all factor in to the impression that a potential vendor takes away with them after visiting a real estate agency.   

The physical location of an office is very important for franchise owners/managers to consider.  Not only does your office need to be in an area that is safe and easily accessible to your target market, it should also be situated near other successful businesses, allowing it to leverage from the exposure and prestige received by these. 

Just as an agent would dress to impress, so too should an office be designed to make a positive impact.  Upon entering an office, you want your clients to be immediately reassured that throughout the potentially stressful experience of selling their home, they will be in the most capable of hands. 

A variety of office features will come together to leave this favourable impression on clients.  Firstly, a real estate office should be clean, uncluttered and organised.  Would you have much faith in an agency if the front desk had papers strewed about and mess everywhere? Probably not.  Even if the reaction is unconscious, there is the potential for clients to form an opinion about the validity of your agents’ selling skills based on what they see upon entering your agency. 

The colours and lighting in your office can also have an impact on your clients.  Both have the power to change the feeling of a space (for example, natural light and walls painted in neutral tones can increase the feeling of openness in a room), and to influence moods.  It may be a worthwhile exercise for your franchise to utilise the services of an interior designer or colour consultant to determine how best colours and lighting can be employed to enhance your real estate office space. 

In the end, selling skills will inevitably be what encourages vendors to employ the services of individual real estate agents.  However it is very important not to discount the power of the physical office space, both for drawing in potential clients as well as to leave a lasting positive impression of a real estate business.  By focusing on elements such as location, interiors and ensuring consistent cleanliness, you can be reassured that your office will help prospective vendors form an optimistic opinion about both your business and the skills of your agents. 

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