Manage your staff with freedom and responsibility

As many owners and managers of businesses will understand, a key aspect of management is knowing how to promote both productivity and creativity in the workplace, which will often depend on levels of freedom and responsibility granted. 

While some managers will want to oversee all aspects of all activities, as businesses grow in size this may not necessarily be practical all the time, and some level of delegation and transfer of authority may be necessary to keep productivity high.  In addition, managers should not discount the value of creative thought from employees – which is often a result of an encouraging management style. 

With responsibility can come productivity
It is often the case in the business world that when employees are given ownership of an appropriate task, whereby the outcome of that task is linked to their personal success, their level of determination and thus productivity can improve.  This is a key consideration for management – by passing on certain levels of responsibility (where appropriate) to qualified members of staff, the owners and managers of franchises can often see increased business success. 

With freedom can come creativity
In the competitive world of residential property sales, it is becoming increasingly important for real estate franchises in some markets to employ more ‘outside the box’ sales and marketing tactics.  Such thinking may begin with your staff members who are often out in the field and may have insights into creative improvements that can be employed.  Managers may find that a worthwhile exercise could be to encourage their agents to consider valuable new ways to improve everyday tasks.  Supporting such freedom of thought, where appropriate, has the potential to add value to any business.    

There is no doubt that there are many different types of management styles that exist with the potential to result in a successful business.  However, managers may find that a balanced office can be developed by encouraging staff to think outside the box where appropriate, while also making agents responsible for the outcomes of their actions (where suitable).  Many managers and owners will find that considering such a balance may help to improve levels of productivity and profitability within their real estate franchise. 

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