Managing staff departures


Staff members aren’t static features of any business – inevitably, an employee may move on to seek new challenges or simply for a change of scenery. As such, it’s important to have plans and procedures in place so that when a staff member does resign, your franchise is able to continue running smoothly.

The most essential part of these plans and procedures is to periodically update your employee’s job descriptions. These don’t have to be multiple page dictionaries of every task each team member completes daily – having a short overview of the position and key responsibilities will allow you to start searching for a replacement much sooner.

Keeping employee’s job descriptions up-to-date is only one measure you may be able to take to ensure minimal interruption if a staff member resigns. Below we have four tips which may help you to more easily manage a staff member’s resignation.

1. Don’t panic: while it may feel like the employee will be leaving the next day, most employees are required to give 3-4 weeks’ notice when resigning. This may be enough time for you to find and start training a replacement;

2. Contact a recruiter: if you are worried about finding a new staff member before the current employee departs, consider contacting a recruiter to assist you. Recruiters specialise in quickly filling vacant roles, and they may have the perfect person lined up waiting to fill your newly vacant position;

3. Maintain the relationship: it’s best to maintain a positive relationship with outgoing employees, as they will likely continue to promote a positive image of your franchise. You may want to consider offering to write the employee a letter of recommendation, as this sign of goodwill may help keep the relationship positive.

Tap into your networks: letting people in your network know that you’re looking for staff could help you find a replacement sooner. You may also consider using services such as LinkedIn to assist in your search.

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